Thursday, May 11, 2006

Stranded on a dessert island...

With only 2 days until her maiden voyage, Hard Tack At Sea is hard at work. A thorough lass, she is leaving no seat unfilled with stores, putting the finishing touches on her land-lubbers protective helmet, and creating her last culinary will and testament. By this, I mean her list of 10 food items you'd have if you find yourself stranded on a desert island.

An interesting question that has been posed to chefs and foodies alike, it takes on an entirely different meaning when you are taking your first ocean voyage.

Hard Tack has challenged the rest of us to create our own list.

The rules: You are stranded on a boat beached on a island. You can get whatever fish you want and hand-harvest your own damn sea salt (think of the money you'll save). There is a natural fresh water stream on the island (snow-melt from the very, very, tall mountain-of course, due to global warming, this is a limited resource, so enjoy it!) There is nothing left on the boat and as far as you know nothing on the island save your own unfortunate soul. You get 10 items to select. Huge categories don't count. You can't say "Herbs and spices" or "Meat". Try to be specific, it's more interesting. These food items will be delivered to you in your sorry state by UPS, because it is simply endless what brown can do for you. No, you cannot ask for more items from the UPS person. I know they're cute in their little brown shorts, but you can't have them either.

My list includes....
Coffee with Coffeemate hazelnut coffee creamer
Kettle Chips
Petit Pois
Seared Foie Gras
A nice sweet hot mustard
Humbolt Fog Goat cheese
Red onions
Hard Salami
Gummi Bears from Barentreff- the shop in my sisters town in Germany

No doubt every reader of this blog has at one time or another created such a list. Post your lists here, or on Hard Tack At Sea, or perhaps on your own blog!


Anonymous Rocky said...

Trying to be all purpose here

white peppercorns
Tim's Jalapeno Chips
Knorr Chinese Ham Broth Boullion
white cheddar, about the most all purpose cheese I can think of
really good olive oil
really good batard
beef standing rib roast
boy scout field guide - it's not food but I can go find other food with it

May 15, 2006 11:41 PM  
Blogger pleasure said...

how could a fine chef put that shit into even mediocre coffee? have you no dignity?

seabass does not approve.

July 16, 2006 8:38 PM  

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