Sunday, April 30, 2006

The Hinds Head

Heston Blumenthal and his atomic kitchen have sent shock waves through the culinary community, most of which knows nothing more of his work than the highly marketable "molecular gastronomy." And it's not to blame. The bacon and egg icecream and snail porrige has been writen up frequently, extending from culinary trade magazines to the mens journal GQ.

But across the street from The Fat Duck is another of Heston's children, The Hinds Head. Not satisfied with just blazing trails in pursuit of cuisine not yet discovered, ever reaching into the future, Heston dove into the past recreating recipes rooted deeply in British tradition. Imagine the intense focus of a Michelain 3 star chef put into traditional british pub food.

Often overshaddowed by the giant across the alley, The Hinds Head sometimes seems a little left out. The red headed step child so to speak. But much to my delight, the NY Times Magazine published a bit about The Hinds Head today. It's well worth the read, so please, do follow the link! And take a peek at what The Hinds Head offers the culinary community.


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fascinating! thanks for the link

April 30, 2006 6:39 PM  

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