Wednesday, January 11, 2006


This is Seabass. Seabass loves the science of baking! I knew she was a genius.


Blogger pleasure said...

seabass and i like the chemistry lessons.

January 11, 2006 3:07 PM  
Blogger cin said...

what a cute little fluff ball!

January 14, 2006 9:11 PM  
Blogger Mouser said...

Who's Seabass? I guess the more appropriate question would be, who does Seabass belong to? You're not turning into the old cat lady are you?

January 16, 2006 3:22 AM  
Blogger Dana said...

Pleasure- I knew she was a genius when I first saw her!

Cin- I only wish she lived with me!

Libby- No worries, I am only an old cat lady at heart, still living vicariously through other peoples cats. Seabass, or Trudy as her mother calls her, belongs to a friend of Russell's.

January 22, 2006 10:11 AM  

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