Sunday, January 22, 2006

Blogs givin' props to other blogs

In this little universe of food blogging, we for the most part write about food. Sometimes we write about ourselves, but mostly food. And after we put up our post for the day, or week if we are busy, we immediately start to read other blogs. And there are a LOT of other blogs.

It seems that I find a new blog every day, either through the links left on other blogs, or through the comments left behind.

If I find myself scouring other peoples link lists for a certain site often enough, I will eventually get around to adding it to my own list.

It's hard to pick favorites, I don't want to exclude great blogs by including some into my favorites. But I can't deny that I find myself tracking back to the same 10 or so blogs each day.

The blog awards are great, but limited. They include a handful of candidates to vote on, chosen by a few people. Therefore, we are forced to choose " the best" based on someone else's idea of "the best". My humble little blog wasn't included within any of the award categories, but I did receive preliminary nominations from Nicky and Sam, two of the bloggers I respect the most. This is more of a compliment to me than being given an award.

I thought instead of voting for "the best", I'd just talk about the blogs that I find myself tracking back to over and over. I, like the rest of us, have no real reason to label one blog better than the rest. But I know what I like.

I love Delicious Days. It's humble approach, amazing photography, all capture a simple love and excitement for food. While the pair of writers frequently post, they exhibit their talent, and share their culinary adventures and growing knowledge of food. Within the writing there is never anything exclusive or snobbish at all. It's the purity with which they love food that shines through and keeps me coming back.

I also love Tasting Menu. And I must admit, tasting menu was my first love of all blog loves. And what a way to start loving blogs! Much like Delicious Days, Hillel's pure and simple love of food is what shines through. He manages to eat at many of the worlds top restaurants and writes humble and honest reviews of them. His reviews are absent from the "critiques" that most reviews suffer from and instead share with us his joy and pleasure in a meal. The worst thing you will hear him say is that plain and simple, it didn't taste good to him. Nothing is out of reach, Michelin stars, and the taco truck down the road all get the same respect from this man.

While I don't live in San Francisco, I still fully enjoy Becks and Posh. It was Sams British sensibility, or sense of humor that first drew me in. It was the immense amount of writing and information she includes in her writing to that kept me hooked. And it is in her ability to celebrate everything food and all other bloggers that makes me love this blog. With her "blogger of the week" column, and her constant organization of blogging events inside and outside the world wide web, I think it's safe to say she is the patron saint of bloggers.

This is the newest of my blog loves. I don't even really know how to pronounce it or what the heck it means, but none the less, I love Nordljus. It's not just the quality of the photography that draws me in. It's the quality of everything with in the photograph. It is clearly executed perfectly by Keiko, which is a feat in itself. But to take it further, she styles the photographs to look like they belong in a high end cookbook, and then sets the to one of the most attractive and functional templates I have found. The writing is simple, clear, direct, and like all the blogs I love, abstains from any negative or overly critical statements. And who can resist that beautiful cat that shows up from time to time.

I can't help but love Moveable Feast. I love the posts Luisa writes so much, that I miss it when she doesn't post. Mostly, it is the adventures through the trenches of high end cooking that I love. It's a life I longed to live once, and while I ended up dragging myself away from my own European gastronomic adventure back to Seattle, I still delight in seeing another girl succeed in that path. While she can boast with names like Ducasse and El Bulli on her resume, her writing is absent from any bragging. Instead, she shares with the world the wonder and joy of living the life she does.

And while Orangette, an extremely well written Seattle based blog, is on my frequently checked blog list, it's the column "cook and tell" written for Saucy magazine that I love about this writer. It seems that anything written by a female that is witty and intelligent is likened to Carrie Bradshaw these days, but to liken this column to sex and the city is not far off. A lot of food, a lot of men, and an honest sassy wit that has me rolling with laughter at times, this column doesn't come out nearly often enough to satisfy my hunger for it.

This list in no way categorizes these blogs as better than the blogs not on the list, and certainly doesn't encompass the vast number of blogs I enjoy reading every day. But it does share the blogs I love, and why I love them.


Blogger Sam said...

That is such a sweet thing you said about me. I am humbled. I have tears in my eyes. I have been enjoying following your career and I hope one day to have the chance to try a dessert created by you.

January 22, 2006 4:47 PM  
Blogger Mona said...

Dana. What a cool post. I too find the blog awards somewhat dizzying...and often a lot of great blogs out there, that might not get 1,000 hits a day, are overlooked. I love this list of blogs and how you've written about each of them. What a cool thing to do. I don't frequent any of these except BPN and hope to visit them right now. I find myself often at work seeking out new blogging friends. I think I've just found one (I just asked Sweetnicks how she finds these great new/young blogs a half hour ago because I love finding new -to me at least-material).

January 27, 2006 9:48 AM  
Blogger cuisinier said...

Hi Dana, great info. I had no idea about blog awards and such. I am going to check out these sights right away. I have just posted some info myself about a trip to New York. It was very cool. Check it out. I am still having trouble getting mine to be accessed by Googling, unless you use the whole address. Any thoughts as to what I amy be doing wrong? Also, any iodea on why I might be having trouble uploading pictures? Sometimes it works, some not.ANyway, hope to meet you at Gab's next month. Chow, cuisinier.

January 30, 2006 1:52 AM  
Blogger Dana said...

Sam- if you are ever in seattle, don't hesitate to let me make a dessert for you!! The honor would be mine.

Mona- I hope you enjoy the blogs as much as I do!

Cuisinier- The problems with blogger that you are experiencing are typical. Sometimes my pictures post, sometimes not. Sometimes I post a picture and loose all the text. Sometimes everything looks perfect but it tells me the HTML is wrong. I dont know about google... have you tried the google blog search engine?
It might help. See you at Gabes!


January 30, 2006 9:24 AM  
Blogger Molly said...

Dana, I'm embarrassed that it's taken me so long to find this post! You are so enormously generous to say such sweet things about your fellow food bloggers. I'm honored to be among those you list as your regularly visited blogs, and I'm so, so glad to know how much you enjoyed those "Cook and Tell" pieces! I absolutely loved writing them, and I was so sad to see Saucy, the site for which I developed the column, run out of gas after only a few months. I have thought several times about doing occasional "Cook and Tell" posts on Orangette - there are a few more man + food stories to share, and heaven forbid I should deprive anyone! - and now that I've read your thoughts, I'll consider it more seriously. It was awfully fun...

Thanks again, my dear. So much.

March 10, 2006 9:28 PM  

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