Wednesday, December 14, 2005

A Farmers Market Farewell

The farmers markets around Seattle began to disappear as the summer faded to fall, but one lonely farmers weathered the autumn, and is running until winter sets in. The University farmers market will commence for the last time this coming weekend, just a small congregation of die hard purveyors remaining. Those that still have wares to sell will brave the 30 degree weather to sell the last of their honey, cheeses, hazelnuts, vegetables (just Chard, I am sure), and foraged mushrooms.

Fittingly so, the end of a long run has come for Eva's Market Menu. Each weekend the market is scoured for all things "showing well", inspiration is gathered, and a 3 course menu is created to showcase our findings. This past weekend was decidedly our last Market Menu.

For my finale I chose to make an understatement. With Holmquist Farms hazelnuts, I made a very rich hazelnut ice cream to sit aside a fallen chocolate cake. Served warm, the center of the cake was dense and moist, remniscent of a brownie but very delicate. The hazelnuts were toasted in the oven until deeply nutty before being broken to release the oils and infused into the cream.

The sweet duo said nothing more than they needed to, and ended the market menu with grace.


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