Monday, November 28, 2005

Holiday Eats

As we all know, it's the middle of the season of holiday dinners. Thanksgiving has passed with 2 dinners on my part. Christmas parties, friendly dinners, company parties are soon to come with one last blow out on New Years Eve.

As my cooking career began and the restaurants filled up for the holidays, my desire to bake christmas cookies, make 3 different nut brittles for gifts, bake the desserts on thanksgiving, and do things like hollow out grapes and stuff them with goat cheese for holiday parties dwindled. Dwindled? Well, left me completely.

But I do love to read about it still. I have poured over the Martha Stewart holiday cookie magazine dreaming of the cookies I'd make if I had time (or a kitchen at home!), and drooled over holiday dinner plans in cooking magazines.

My favorite is The Blasphemist's Christmas printed in New York Magazine. Wylie Dufrane's meal plan gives the same twisted whimsy to christmas dinner as Tim Burton gave to the holiday in "A nightmare before Christmas". I loved his interpretation of the classic Lamb and mint jelly in which he crusts the lamb rack in crushed candy canes.

In the same magazine is featured The Perfectionists Thanksgiving by Thomas Keller. Good old Tom pulled the legs off the turkey and filled them with Foie Gras. And a traditionalists thanksgiving dinner by Dan Barber of Blue Hill. And to round the season out is the Hedonists Brunch for new years day.

I'll be teaching another class this december. This time the theme is miniature desserts for your holiday parties. The description of me is still uncomfortably flattering, but at least I am not described as a "dessert diva".

I may not have time to fill my friends and family with holiday sweets, but I do have a restaurant menu to play with!


Blogger Melissa CookingDiva said...

Hola from Panana! I learned about your blog because Sam of B&P nominated you at the 2005 FBA, chef category!---congratulations :)

December 07, 2005 9:24 AM  

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