Friday, October 21, 2005

Guest Chef Night at Fare Start

This past thursday Amy McCray, the chef I work with, and I had the good fortune of working with the students and volunteers at Fare Start. Amy, the guest chef of the evening, featured a truly "Eva" menu highlighting locally produced Cameo Apples, hazelnuts, pears, pork, and oregon blue cheese. For dessert I provided the deep chocolate rice pudding with caramelized rice crispies. This was one of my first experiences with large quantity cooking. The fare start kitchen puts out 1200 meals a day to various shelters and their own dining room. While this dinner for 250 was HUGE for me, it was a light lunch to them.

Amy and I had an amazing time working with a great group of people. The students were enthusiastic, energetic, and worked very hard to achive the successful evening we had. Along side the students were volunteers who give their time and experience to make these evenings happen.

I thought I'd share the photo's I took of the fun evening.

Boris, the head chef instructor, filling the giant steam kettle. This kettle must hold 8 cases of potatoes at a time, maybe more!

Me cooking the rice pudding. This is one of two giant pots made for the evening.

Amy happily working with the giant tilting skillet. She talked about this tilting skillet for weeks before the event. In fact, I might not be too far off if I say she plans her fare start menu's so she can make use of the tilting skillet.

How many pigs do you think are in here? Well, technically it's only the shoulders. Amy's braised pork was absloutely delicious and was served with country mash, braised greens, roasted pears, and a warm Neuske bacon dressing.

Me and the biggest ladle I have ever seen. What you dont see is Nance and Korina laughing at me with the big ladle. Someone likened my rice puddng to refried beans. I imagine it has something to to with the immense amount of steaming rice pudding in the pots. Russell once said something like, "bowl full of mac and cheese, good. Garbage can full of mac and cheese, gross." I think these two huge pots full to the brim diminished the appetizing quality of the pudding. So much that someone thought it looked like refried beans!

Phillip mashing potatoes. Amy, much to my delight, leaves the skins on the red potatoes for a "country" mash. The skins have all the flavor and texture in my opinion.

Phillip asks "what can brown do for me?" The UPS executives provided the dining room with waiters for the evening, and happily gave an apron to Phillip who's last name happens to be Brown.

Our very tallented volunteer Nance caramelizing the rice crispies for the dessert. Nance's years of culinary experience and friendly banter were welcomed by all. She did abandon her hat after seeing that I wasn't wearing one myself. Nance had such a distaste for this hat that I found it under a table after she left!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's a big ladle for a little mouse!


October 24, 2005 11:54 AM  
Blogger Chris Lautischer said...

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October 28, 2005 12:18 PM  
Blogger chefgirlrd said...

Great commentary too! It was a pleasure to work with you and Amy and the folks from FareStart!
I hope all is well at Eva!

Cheers, Nance.

March 07, 2006 5:19 PM  

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