Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The V-word

My sister lives with them, Theis HATES them, and the donut shop across the street from my restaurant is run by them. VEGANS.

Last month, I was invited to share the first meal my sister cooked for the co-op she lived in. It was there, over a bowl of beet soup, that I managed to make a grown man wince and shift uncomfortably. I was sharing a story of butchering whole pidgons and how sometimes when you'd chop off the head there would still be bird feed in the throat. This is when my sister so kindly informs me, "um, Dana, you know this is a vegan house?" I looked up to sharp glances and decided I would save the pigs head terrine story for later. Since that day the V-word has been coming up constantly.

The best thing to come of this recurrance is Mighty-O, the vegan donut shop across from my work. A donut snob I recently spoke to scorned the chewy texture caused by the soy flour, the greasy crunchy outside, and worst of all, the palm kernal oil they are fried in. But I am coming out of the closet here, I LOVE these vegan donuts for just those reasons. Maybe it is that I havent had a donut in 2 years...... but I might have to give into the fact that i prefer the vegan option here.

When I asked the girl at the counter what made their vegan donuts different from the way a regular donut was made, she gave me a pained look and said, "uh... they are made without using any animal products." The "Duh" was implied...... I said, "yes, I understand what vegan means..." A book on the counter told me that a soy flour was used to replace the texture given by eggs, and that palm kernal oil was used for the cooking instead of an animal based one. Beyond that, I may never know more. But I will be back for another french toast donut with maple frosting and chopped peanuts, or a selection of cuties like these.


Anonymous jitahs said...

Hi Dana,
Just looking through your archives and enjoying the clearly obsessive descriptions of of the food and science behind the food at Fatduck. Also the sweetening of the plum puree w/caramel and noyaux were strokes of genius. At least in theory.

Since there are no good donuts in the Bay Area (Krispy Kremes are a crock) we pig out on Mighty O when visiting, so Vegans have their place. It's just not laying strips of pig head in a terrine.

Keep up the good writing too,

October 20, 2005 1:16 PM  

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