Monday, August 08, 2005

Taste Tea

I read all these fun blogging posts in which a theme is given by one blog to the other blogs, and then on one day, they all blog on said theme. I have never caught on early enough to play along. There is some current flowing through the sea of blogs, and I am still wading on the shore. But none the less, I am inspired to share my thoughts on the most recent of these themes....Taste Tea.

Summer isn't summer for me without the Arnold Palmer. This tributary drink, a blend of half iced tea, half lemonade, was said to be the golfers favorite beverage. I was first introduced to it while working at Rays Drive in.

Rays Drive in was a hold over from the 50's type burger stand with hand made fish and chips, huge cheese burgers with names like "the double double", hand cut fries, thick milk shakes in a rainbow of colors, and one of the last sources for a real green river soda. The crew was composed of my high school friends, and my sister libby and her group of friends. Nostalgia screams from those memories for all of us.

We allways had pitchers of iced tea and lemonade side by side in the reach in cooler. And as the temperature outside hit 80, the temperature inside that little shack hit 110. Nothing tasted better than the mixing of those two classic summer beverages in that heat. And since, nothing has quenched my summer thirst like an Arnold Palmer.

The recipe is simple. One part cold brewed black tea, one part lemonade.

There is no need to sweeten the tea, the lemonade takes care of that. Brewing tea without boiling water, or sun tea, is not an uncommon method to extract the flavor from the leaves. The reason this is a preferable method for brewing, is that it produces a cleaner flavor. Tea contains tannins like so many things, and in the heat of the boiling water, these tannins are released creating a bitter flavor. Through a slower infusion, these tannins are diminished. A little lesson from Hestons Atomic Kitchen.

So as I sit in this little mother in law apartment that is allways hotter inside than outside, I quench my thirst just as I learned to do so many years ago..... with the help of Arnold Palmer.


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