Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Family Meal

A few months ago a family meal would have found me on picknick benches on a patio out back of a kitchen, surrounded by other cooks all scarfing down their dinners, stretching the 15 minutes away from their stations to its fullest. And after 16 hours a day in a place far away from anything familiar, the bonds between cooks do grow to a kind of "family".

But this sunday family meal meant for me just that. My family. To celebrate nothing more than my mother herself, her 2 brothers and one sister visited seattle and we shared a meal at the restaurant I work at. This meal stretched into 3 hours with laughter and stories of my moms youth in New Jersey.

From left is my mom herself, Aunt Mary, Auntie Ellen, Diane, becca, her BOY friend Jared, then across the table in the back is uncle bill, my dad, Russell, me, and uncle tom. The 2 missing faces are those of my sisters Sarah and Libby. Libby is living a euro-life in germany, and we were sorry to have missed her. Sarah was there for a little while but had to leave early for a 9 pm appointment. What kind of appointment takes place at 9 at night? Duh, a tattoo.....

Leaving the comraderie i felt with those other cooks was very difficult. But I came home to family.


Anonymous mom said...

and what a a
family it is! you were missed. we miss you too Libby.

August 20, 2005 12:38 AM  

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