Sunday, July 31, 2005


Do you ever look at an old picture of yourself, and laugh while remarking, "i thought i was looking good..." Maybe it was the old "Racheal" from friends hair cut, or a old torn flannel that smelled of teen spirit.

For me this often comes from pictures of plates I have done. So every time I look at my blog there sits one of those pictures.... The moon rock looking pizza thing of apricots and cheesecake. I only made it once, (twice) before the obvious refinement was clear. While it looked clownish, it had a lot of potential flavor wise. Here the cheese cake is baked in the bottom. After this is chilled, a layer of pureed apricot is set on top. Not only is the presentation much better, but i was better able to controll the flavor of the apricots. The poached apricots never addopted enough sweetness from their liquid, so here I am able to ballance their natural acidity with sugar. And for depth I added, of course, the flavor of their pits.

So this may be more for my own redemption than anything. But after all, it's my blog!


Blogger Mouser said...

Were you referring to my "Racheal from Friends hair cut"?! because I know that you never had one. It was quite stylish and I don't regret it for one moment, Miss Curly Mullet!

August 03, 2005 12:53 AM  
Blogger Dana said...

My curly mullet went well with my pastel sweat suits with cats all over them!!

Your "racheal" shag went well with your tapered leg, above the belly button jeans and body suits you used to wear....

August 06, 2005 11:02 PM  

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