Tuesday, June 07, 2005

student life

I have just spent the day in student fashion. I slept in untill noon, threw on a bandana and some jeans, and rushed to meet my sisters boyfriend Arthur. He took me on a little walking tour of the university of Frieburg where he studies law. It included lunch at the Mensa which is the school caffeteria. Then we walked through campus to Portifino. This is a little icecream shop that Arthur swears makes the best icecream in the world. And he is half italian so he is judging this icecream above those delicious gelatto's in italy. I had an ammeretto icecream and Arthur had pistaciao. The flavors were really nice. I like the texture of the european icecreams. They are not churned as hard as those in america. The texture is velvety soft therefore the flavor seems creamier too.

I am now sitting in the library at the university using arthurs internet access and trying to navigate the german keyboard.

Sunday was my last day with Auntie Ellen. We spent the day in London. We even drove in london, if you can believe that. We bought tickets for one of those double decker tour busses of all things. But it was great because we did not have to do any of the thinking. It just drove us around and gave us the freedom to get on and off as we pleased. We got off once to see big ben and westminster, and then again to see the tower castle and the crown jewels. then we wandered around by hyde park and finally back to our hotel. We did miss out on Madamme Tousouts wax museum.

I have to say that I did fall for London. It is incredible. I have seen quite a few of the major cities in Europe now and London is challenging Barcelona for the top seat. Those two are a bit too different to be in competition with eachother, but none the less, I loved London and hope to see it again.

Libby and I said goodbye to London at about 4:30 mondy morning as we caught the bus to the airport. I had my first Ryan air experience!! This airline offers very cheap airfare, along with Ryan air scratch tikets and dual purpose bags that you can use to develope film or vomit into, which ever strikes your fancy.

We arrived in Frieburg at about 1 in the afternoon, took a little nap, and then went to the bike shop to assemble Libs bike. After 4 in the afternoon one can take their bike in to the shop and use the space and tools for free. You only pay for parts and provide the labor yourself. And I have to say that i have never seen such a parade of beaters in my life. Because bikes are such a primary mode of transportation here they really drag the life out of a bicycle. And you will also see the silliest things riding by. Like people smoking while riding (the outrage!!) holding umbrella's while riding, miniskirts while riding, and my favorite was this. To avoid her large pesant skirt from draggign on ground, a girl was holding the top of the skirt up while gripping the handle bars. This in turn made the entire front of her wide open and visible to anyone standing in front of her.

We then walked through town and went to a swiss grocery store and bought a few things for dinner.

Libby's apartment is sooooo cute. it is very modern and if can imagine the perfect setting for ikea then you aren't far off.

I dont know what are plans are for tonight. Its going to be a little harder for me here than in England. I cant go to the cinema here or anything, and i have to have a translator to do much of anything.


Blogger chicchef said...

hey sweets...
Just wanted to get some perspective about what I need to expect and what to bring... I am gettin' ready..
love ya!

June 09, 2005 3:15 AM  

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