Saturday, June 04, 2005

out and about

I am sitting in a proper british cottage just a stones throw away from my old haunt, Bray. But it was my sister's travels that brought us here rather than mine. Her old mate Jane, with whom Libby studied with in Germany 3 years ago invited us out to her house warming party. I have never seen better use of a back yard than this. It has an edible garden, an orchard, chickens, lambies, a farm cat, a patio, and room to play. This is all fitting with the small scale of everything here. The yard is half the size of the lawn I played on as a child.

We have just stayed in Wales for the past 3 days. Our accomodations were in a house strait out of Pride and Predujice. I was just waiting for Mr. Darcy to appear under the wisteria. It was beautiful. We explored Cardiff, the capitol, and toured a castle. Wales has more castles than any other country in the world.

The next day we explored the great outdoors, or more exactly, the beaches. We first visited the Mumbles. This rocky coastline was beautiful and reminded me very much of Marin. Then we drove a little further to Pennarth?? It was a long and very wide stretch of soft sandy and duney beaches. I was told that it was used for setting land speed records before the salt flats in the states were favored. Again, it was familiar to the coast of Marin county with one distinct difference. The water was SO warm!! It is the same current that comes off of Florida I believe. Nothing like that frigid Alaskan current that runs the west coast.

Today we checked out of our romantic manor and visited Bath. This city was so beautiful. We saw old roman baths and took the tour. It was interesting to see the effects of the roman empire this far away. But they came, they saw, and they conquered. The city is built out of stone that has a golden hue. It was agreed that this was the prettiest place we have seen so far.

Now we are enroute to London where we will spend tomorow. We have all sorts of nerdy touristy ideas that even involve a tour bus!!! And monday, I fly to Germany!!

Our dinner at the Fat Duck was out of this world. It was the perfect culmination to my 2 months of work there. And it was an experience Libby and Auntie Ellen will remember forever. Auntie Ellen even said that the snail porridge was her favorite thing!!! She thinks cucumbers are too grown up, but likes snails!!!! I said my goodbyes, which pulled on my heart strings more than I thought. I even got the crew to sign my menu which felt so much like the last day of highschool yearbook signing!!! And I left them with my signiture, a plate of home made chocolate chip cookies which they assured me were 3 star to them.

Only one person was missing from the goodbyes. Chris, the other seattlite. I was really dissapointed to leave without a propper goodbye to him as he has become a friend to me. But no worries, I found him in the basement of the ruins at Bath today!!!!!! Small world, huh??


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This all sounds like great advice. I am shortly going to stage at the Fat Duck and would just add that if you look around, it is definitely possible to find accommodation cheaply in the Maidenhead area. You can rent a room for about £70-100 a week. However, you will also find this rise easily to around £550/600 a month depending on where you decide to stay. For £600 you should be able to find something far better than a tiny room. Don't pay any more than £450, if a tiny room will do.

June 18, 2005 4:50 PM  

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