Tuesday, May 03, 2005

the sunday pastry crew Posted by Hello

Sunday the pastry crew was shorthanded, so into the fire I was thrown. I was in charge of doing what ever Jocky (short hair) told me to do. This mostly involved sending out the small bits that go before and after the desserts. First I send out a plate with a beetroot jellie candy cube coated in caster sugar and a tiny tart shell with a round of blanc mange flavored with basil and crystalized ginger on top. Along with that is a carrot lolli. I also sent out the parsnip cereal with parsnip milk, the cup of tea jello, and a tartelette made wiht praline rose.

Praline rose is a confection from france. it consists of an almond coated in a bumpy red sugar coating. These candies are ground to a powder and made into the filling of this great little petit four. The color is rosy too, complimentary of the sweet flavor, but not indicitive of the flavor which has nothing to do with roses.

It was really great to feel the rush of the service coursing through me again. I started by helping Michael and jumped in to pastry when it was in full swing. It felt good to play again.


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