Tuesday, May 03, 2005

My new friend China

Oh, I do love kitties Posted by Hello

On my birthday I was treated to a birthday treat....cat snuggles!!! This is China, an american cat living in Kew gardens. The other cats think her accent is as cute as she is!!


Anonymous Dad said...

Hi dana,

How are you, hanging in there? Mom and I are fine, but you probably realy want to know how the cats are doing. The boys are fine, Lil Boy is still "sleek like a cougar" (as Libby would say), Sylvester (aka Muffin) is the opposite, he having a hard time jumping off the couch he is getting so round. He still heads strait for the feed bag when he comes in the door and as you know he can't resist going through the door even if he just went through it in the opposite direction a minute before. We have started feeding him weight control cat food with hairball control cat food blended in. I am still playing door man for tne lil prince too and I think he is starting to warm up to mom and me since you girls aren't around. I occasionally find him asleep on Mom when she's taking a nap, if Muffin isn't already there. The suprise of all suprises is he actually jumps up on the couch to visit me once in awhile and he has grown back his legs since you girls are not here to hold him all the time. So much for the bozo brothers (just kidding don't get mad and have your sisters gang up on me).
I liked the pictures of your trip London, how did the picture of Russel racing get slipped in there. I looked at the web site with pictures of Russel racing in Walla Walla. Maybe he road by Mary Anne's place in Touchet (Tushy as your Uncle Bill calls it), if he saw some little girls on their horses barrel racing he might have.
Some news, for Mothers Day your Mom want to go see Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy (her and Sarah giggled thur it) and afterwards Auntie Ellen, Diane, Sarah and I took Mom out to eat at the Grouchy Chef. The food was excellent again, except Ellen's pasta had a simple tomato sauce that was chile pepper hot, too hot for us on the cool side of the mountains. Ellen loaned Sarah her digatal camera for the photo shoot of her art work. Your little sister did a really nice job on the photos for her portfolio to apply to the UW architecture program. Who knows what she will end up deciding to magor in though,the CEP program sounds very inovative. Mom got an email from your sister Lib with a picture of her basketball team, she said they just missed out moving up to the next level next year. Well there is always another day. Have you and Lib set a day when Auntie Ellen and her are coming to visit you, how fun vacationing in England. I heard Libby also wants to visit Wales and I bet I know why in two words, Uthur and King Arthur (well maybe three words). Sounds like it's going to be great time. When you see Ranger Bick ask her what's up with the exploding frogs in Berlin, something about the crows pecking out the frogs livers, then they swell as a defense, but over do it and until they brusts. Sounds like something our resident wildlife biologist should know about shouldn't she, she knows every about pidgeons you want ever want to know (I mean rock dove or some such thing, just kiddin Libo). Come to think of it I wonder if she knows why you never see a baby pideon, I know why, I could tell you butt then would have to kill you. Oh maybe I'll tell her if she asks me nice. You should have known pideons roost in trees, when we lived in brown house, the old man that lived beween us and Ricky's house would feed them so they wuold spent the night in the trees in his back yard. Well I'll get off now, I know you want to call Mom for Mothers Day. Love You Sweetie

May 08, 2005 2:55 PM  
Blogger Vito said...

Hey,who in the hell is this China,what about me,what I'm I now just some stateside feline to you.Well thats alright I have some new friends too,a three legged racoon whom I love to chase from room to room as he saunters by each window,and my beloved kitchen sponge,"Soppy".Don't tell Uncle Steve though, because I'm not really suppossed to be up on the countertops.All in all life ain't to bad,I get to go outside on occassion,that's right,you heard me,outside!The two Steve's are pretty cool as far as roommates go.The big one has a pretty comfy bed even though he kicks his legs to damn much when he sleeps,and he's kind of anal about his crappy furniture.The little one doesn't like me to go in his room when he's gone but I do anyway.Well I gotta go and wake up Steven,I've never met anyone who sleeps more than me,jeez.
I miss ya and can't wait to see you

May 21, 2005 11:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love dogs.

- Steven Burda, MBA
e-mail: steven.burda.mba @gmail.com


October 17, 2006 10:54 PM  

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