Monday, May 02, 2005

Long week

This was by far the longest week I have spent here. Not only was it creeping up to the midway point, a time that slows for any event, but I was in the kitchen for almost the entire week. While service is the real reason everything is done and a bit more interesting that 2 hours of peeling turnips, working service makes for a gaurenteed 16 hour day without commute. The pace is so near mind boggling that your mental energy is doubled, and your physical state depleted from lack of sleep and all the running around. I started to wonder how all the chef's do it. They are often there before me, and their workload also carries the burden of full responsibility over a station. Then it hit me. Caffine.

Needless to say that when i finally got of sunday at 6 I was exhausted, grumpy, and of course, falling sick. I am now in the throws of an aweful cold. Sore throat, achy body, heavy chest, stuffy nose, the works. I was so looking forward to the staff soccer game today. But no, I stayed in and healed myself with an all day marathon of my favorite magical drama, Charmed, and a few cups of tea.

It's hard giving up the first day off of an English summer. It's 75 degrees and sunny, and I am inside. But as I no longer have insurance I can't risk needing a doctors visit. So off to bed with a cup of tea for me. And hopefully a calmer week this week. There are 2 more stagieres arriving, so the work load should be distributed a bit more.


Blogger chef.adri said...

Dear Dana,

Im a fellow stagier. Today I came across your blog, and it was really exciting to hear about your stage at the Fat duck. Im working at Totel (spain) with an ex fatducker also named Paul and well today arrived the pastry chef from the restaurant, he wil be working with the chef paco for a couple of days. Any ways just wanted tell you I was inspired by your stories and inn an odd different way very nostalgic...Our lifes as stagiers can be hard, but at the end is the best experience we will ever have. Dont forget to have fun when you cook! :D

June 11, 2009 1:55 PM  

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