Sunday, May 08, 2005

Happy mothers day

Hi mom, happy mothers day! I am sorry I can't be there to cook dinner for you this year. I am over here thinking about you though. And when I come home I can cook snail poridge and pigs face terrine for you with carrot lollipops and bacon and egg ice cream for dessert!

I actually just tried the bacon and egg icecream tonight for the first time. Sure enough, it tastes like bacon and eggs. And I can honestly say, it tasted really good. I am very impressed with The Fat Ducks use of icecream to deliver flavors. Ice cream is very familiar to every pallate. It's very interesting and exciting to have something familiar like icecream deliver a flavor that is also familiar, but unexpected in this form. Because it is done so well and used in balance with another dish, it hardly feels out of place or absurd. In fact when you spend each day with it, you forget the shock value that it has. But the shock value only exists in words, because it feels fun and natural when you actually experience it in context.

As a child I never would have dreamed that I would one day be tasting icecream in flavors like sardines on toast, mustard, bacon and egg, and butternut squash. Tasting them, and liking them!!!


Blogger chicchef said...

One of my favorite iced creams is pumpkin. And I was just watching the food network and wanting to make some butternut squash iced cream. That's so ironic! I guess great minds think alike!

May 09, 2005 1:31 AM  

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