Monday, May 09, 2005

Death by Fat Duck

Yesterday I made very nice plans for myself. First I was going to go see Kingdon of Heaven at the cinema with two other Fat Duckers. Then i would come home, call my mother and say happy mothers day. Then I'd call Russell and have one of our two phone conversations this week, and go to bed a happy girl. Today I'd wake up around 7, and get ready for a field trip to Aubrey Allen, one of the purveyors for the Fat Duck that provides the pork. What a great weekend!


What I should have made plans for was nothing but sleeping. I should have planned on coming home, passing out, waking up at 10 realizing that i'd just slept through the fun movie I wanted to see. Then sleeping some more untill I called Russell, and my mom, barely keeping myself awake through the conversation with my mom. Then back to sleep, with the alarm set.

7 this morning I hit snooze for the first and last time. I woke up at 9 realizing that I had just slept through the trip I had been looking forward to for a month. I would have been more upset if I was able to keep myself awake. I slept untill noon, then took a nap untill 1:30. I made it to the grocery store in kinda a daze. And now I am sitting here with a headache, looking greedily at my bed, thinking, I'll just lie down for a minute.

Last weekend I was so exhausted that I fell sick. I missed out on another great weekend that had a soccer game planned and a bike ride and picknick on the river. Man, this is getting frustrating. I have stood the guys up enough that I am going to stop getting invited along soon.

I hope that I don't end up sleeping through my week long trip with Libby and Auntie Ellen!

This schedule will be the death of me.


Anonymous david said...

man, that sucks! maybe you just need a little R and R before the final stretch of your stage. suck it up for the last push so to speak.

your photos were very seattle; overcast, gloomy, almost sad - like the sky and sun are trying to push through but can't. makes everything seem frustrated; it's not too cold, but not warm; it could rain, but does sparingly.


p.s. you really need spell check, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
f.y.i - i purchased an abucus so i can count cookies.

May 09, 2005 11:27 AM  

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