Monday, May 23, 2005

The cats meow....

I recieved a greeting from an old friend yesterday!! Someone who I miss dearly, my cat Vito!!!! The little furball went to live with uncle Steve when I gave up my apartment, and the two are getting along great. Here is what Vito said to me.... (of course I would have such a smart cat that he can type. His pallate is so refined that he likes Nori as a snack too!)

"Hey,who in the hell is this China,what about me,what I'm I now just some stateside feline to you.Well thats alright I have some new friends too, a three legged racoon whom I love to chase from room to room as he saunters by each window,and my beloved kitchen sponge,"Soppy". Don't tell Uncle Steve though, because I'm not really suppossed to be up on the countertops. All in all life ain't to bad, I get to go outside on occassion, that's right, you heard me, outside! The two Steve's are pretty cool as far as roommates go. The big one has a pretty comfy bed even though he kicks his legs to damn much when he sleeps, and he's kind of anal about his crappy furniture. The little one doesn't like me to go in his room when he's gone but I do anyway. Well I gotta go and wake up Steven, I've never met anyone who sleeps more than me, jeez. I miss ya and can't wait to see youVito "

Well, little fella, I miss you too. I can't wait to see you again either and scratch your cute little cheeks. We may never live together again because of my newly aquired allergy (named Russell). But don't fret my pet, my love for you lives on. And I know that uncle steve can give you a life I never could. A propper cats life with a yard to play in, trees to climb and dirt to roll around in, and racoons to chase.


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