Friday, April 15, 2005

Time to grow up?

I guess it's a sign of aging when you meet those amazing few who are doing amazing things with their lives and are in high power positions (like chef of a 3 star restaurant), and you come to find that they are the same age as you. Holy crap. Ashley Watts is my age, 26 ( I am 8 days shy for the record). I would have thought him to be older because of the position he holds. I wonder when I'll stop separating myself from grown-ups. I do very grown up things like pay bills ontime, have a vaccuuming schedule, have a savings account with money in it (not for much longer!), have a career, take responsibility for myself. I have lived free of the support of my parents for years. So when do I start calling myself an adult?

Well, on to more interesting things. I drank a cup of tea today. How very brittish of me. But as this tea was from The Fat Duck, it was both hot and cold at the same time. The flavor was incredible, darjeerling, i think either bergamot or uzu, and a hint of sweet. The tea is made in a way that diminishes the tanins that usually mark tea with their bitter flavor and the effect of making your tongue feel rough. The tanins are a result of the hot infusion tea is usually made with. Then through the miricle of Heston's atomic kitchen, the temperature is both hot and cold at the same time. Do you want to know how it's done? Well, I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you.

Michael, the nice nice canadian I help on the amuse busche station cut his hand with an oyster knife and had to go get stitches. It's really his own fault. He had the "it's been years since I have cut myself badly" conversation last night. He brought it on himself. And to show him how much I appreciate his guidance, I cut myself too. Just a little one, for sympathy. In his absence I got the opportunity to do some of his prep, most exciting of all, shucking oyters. It was a skill I haven't practiced much at all. I watched Theis (rhymes with rice) shucking scallops. They will actually continue to pulse and move for a minute or two in your hand after being removed. I helped to pick cockles today too. They have a shell like a clam, and they inside they look quite a bit different. I think they are cousins. So it was a day of new and exciting bi-valve experiences.

There is a new guy in the pastry section. It's funny to watch someone work and be able to say to yourself with no qualms, "you are so much better than me." He has been working as a confectioner in Denmark for 5 years and is clearly very tallented, skilled, developed, and knowlegable. The pastry chef and he talk so much about the food that I am hearing about everything. The others who work in pastry seem to be cooks instead of bakers. So the pastry chef does more instructing with them than discussing. It has left me with some fantastic eaves dropping opportunities.


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Bi-valve experiences...

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