Monday, April 18, 2005

it all comes crashing down

Well, the title is a bit dramatic. Infact, the only things that came crashing down were my confidence and a stack of china. While helping on the amuse busche station with Michael on one side working and Heston on the other side watching, a stack of the tiny bowls with huge rims that hold the cabbage gazpacho toppled towards me. Imaging them falling in the same manner as a slinky, each one pulling the one behind it. I put both arms out to stop them from shattering on the counter, but in effect they shattered on my bare arms instead. I stood frozen in desbelief that I had somehow just broken all the plates, in front of the chef no less. His reaction was to first and foremost ask if I was cut or hurt at all. Then to help me get the shards off my arm and say, "it's ok. If you're not hurt it's ok." I can imagine how frustrating it must be to watch your dishes shatter all over food that needs to be moving out of the kitchen and onto peoples tables at that moment, but if it angered Heston, I'll never know. He simply helped us move the situation forward and fix it as fast as possible in as calm a manner as I have ever seen. While coming up in kitchens you often think of the kind of chef and leader you want to be for your own cooks one day. It is amazing for me to see that in the chefs at The Fat Duck.


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