Sunday, April 24, 2005

I stand corrected....

In a previous entry that describes the pigs head terrine I wrote that it was the least scientific. I have since learned that statement is not true.

The most beautiful thing about the scientific research at The Fat Duck is how invisible it is on the plate. Yes, there is liquid nitrogen in the green tea, hot and cold tea, oak flavored strips resembling those listerine strips these are obvious.

But what about the green bean? You'd never guess the amount of time put into researching the use of de-ionized water at the molecular level. You just know that it's perfect.

And the pigs head terrine. It looked rustic, primal, simple, and tasted better than any pork i had tasted. I mistook these characteristics to mean it was developed free of the lab. Wrong. It's the 36 hours of controlled cooking that make the meat so fantastic. A 36 hour process that took months to develop.

The world is buzzing about snail porridge, and carrot lollies from Hestons atomic kitchen. But it's what you don't see that would blow your mind. That's part of the amazing humility that fills The Fat Duck. All the work going into something without needing public recognition for it. Well, at least your tounge knows that it's the best, even if you don't know why.


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