Sunday, April 10, 2005

Friday: All work and no play

Michael in his new chef's hat Posted by Hello

Friday the crew from Morocco came home. The chef, Heston Blumenthal, the chef Ashley Watts, the pastry chef Jocky, and a handful of the staff had been in Morocco doing a lunch for Nokia's release of the new phone. Today they all returned. Jocky brought with him a fitting gift for jolly Michael here, a fez.

It was also my first night in the kitchen watching service. The food is really spectacular, and the crew works like clockwork. I stood in the kitchen while each of the cooks gave me little tastes and told me what each and everything was. There is some really amazing things hapening here, and some flavors i have never experienced. There is a green oatmeal flavored with herbs and such. I liked the use of oatmeal as a starch. It is creamy and starchy and holds a lot of flavor. It was familiar yet suprising. Then there is a sauce of grapes set with gelling gum. This is heated and just before serving champagne is added. This leaves not only an amazing flavor, but the ubbles are held in the gel for an effervecient quality.

But being who I am I quickly found myself saddling up to the pastry station. Everything with the regular menu is amazing and i delight in learning it, but the pastry station makes my heart beat faster and my mind race with excitement. It is something I have never seen; what can happen when you have 3 people who's ony purpose is to create desserts. I hope to spend as much time there as possible as two months will barely be enough to absorb all that they are doing.


Anonymous David said...

i braved the gloomy weather, drunk drivers, loose Abercrombie & Finch branded adolencants, and grumbling to themselves out of work, out of faith, out of hope, out of money, out of love, out of culture, out of time, out of everything that is not a welfare check or a bottle of Old English, to sit at the Seattle Public Library between the two antithesises (sp?) of american gluttony and despair - very overweight and quite ugly individuals where they really should spend more time moving than downloading pornography and IMing with 50 year olds who are cloaking themselves as juveniles - to let you know that the back kitchen has not imploded, exploded, swallowed by a black hole, eaten by our little neighbors or sunken into the ocean like Atlantis.

good luck at fat duck, sounds like you are having a good time in jolly ol' england with pig faces, meat glue, morrels and oatmeal. I look forward to sitting between fat, ugly... and did i mention SMELLY, individuals with their swollen cheeks and acne covered foreheads, anyone hear of Oxy, how about Cerisel, or stronger dermitological cleansers, disgusting pieces of... well, ya, the kitchen is going smoothly. humm... i hope i put the kobe in the freezer for the weekend.


p.s. the bike has been a blast!

April 10, 2005 2:51 PM  

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