Sunday, April 24, 2005


I have a huge announcement. My baby sister has found her path in life. She has chosen her major. It was a back up incase she didn't get into architecture, but it was such a great fit that it's now her top choice. It's called Community and Environmental planning.

It involves watching movies, being oppinionated, and is controlled by the students in the class. I can't think of anything more fitting for my little sister.

She will get to specifically design her acedemic requirements to accomplish her own acedemic goals. Ha ha, she practically did that with highschool anyways. she is the only person I know who got into a major university without a highschool diploma. She checked with pride the box marked, "not planning to graduate highschool." (she earned an AA instead) "No college is going to tell me that I have to have a meaningless highschool diploma when I have an AA instead."

She is even waking up early to voulenteer in CEP!!! What? Something has motivated her to give up her saturday morning sleeping in to weed a marsh of invasive grass!!! It can only be the same thing that motivated me to work 15 hours a day in a foreign country for no money....the sound of your calling, calling you.

I am so happy for you Sarah. It's an amazing thing to finally be able to channel yourself in a direction. It will surprise you how much energy you can put into something when you have a direction to point it in.


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