Friday, March 11, 2005

Stir crazy

I am finding myself awake, at home, and restless, at 10:00 pm There is nothing left to clean short of vacuuming. On any given night around this time you would find me finishing up the cleaning in the kitchen at Lampreia, starting the inventory list preparing the chef for his orders, and organizing the prep for the next day. What am I's Friday. You would find me knee deep in dessert and cheese orders, looking at the clock thinking, "It looks like I might be able to leave before 11 tonight!" But since I am now on call and not being called the nights are looking very different.

I feel a little like a fish out of water. One gets used to having a solid purpose for each day. And the day having a purpose for you. I have to relax a little and legitamize for myself that jogging for an extra mile and taking all the time I want at as many grocery stores as I want is all the purpose I need. It's ok not to have anything urgent in front of me for a day. Heck, for a week.

I shouldn't complain too much. A Friday night off is like gold for those of us in the restaurant industry. And I have just had 3 in a row. Granted the first one was due to the flu. Last Friday I even found myself in a cute restaurant at a table for 2 enjoying an intimate dinner. A rare experience that meant more to me than my dining partner knows.


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