Friday, March 25, 2005

I'm too sexy for my pants

They're back. Those aweful houndstooth checked trousers are once again a part of my professional wardrobe. I thought after culinary school I had seen the last of them but alas, I purchased 2 pairs as a part of my uniform. At least I had a choice this time. In school I was given the "baggy" american style. We more appropriately named them "hammer pants".

They had a 3 inch band of elastic that left a mark around your stomach for hours and ankles so tapered it took a good push to get your foot in, and there was enough room in the hips for Rosanne Barr. This time I chose ones fitted like a mans slacks. The inseam runs up to my armpits, there is a pleat sewn in the front, and they give me a classic case of "mom butt".

I modeled them for Russell. He said that there was no worry that he was going to lose me to some brit as long as I was in those pants. But after I put on the full armor, coat, apron, clogs, the look became professional. I caught myself with my posture becoming rigid, my hands folding behind my back, and my weight shifting from foot to foot in anticipation. You start to feel the part when you dress for it.


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