Wednesday, March 02, 2005

gastro-intestinal alchemy

In taking a 3 month trip abroad one must break with ones life for a while. I however decided to completely diminish and collapse mine. So that what I am returning to is a clean slate, a chance to build a life to look exactly how I want it to. This, you can immagine takes a lot more effort and mental stress than just hitting the pause button. And this stress can cause one to be a little short sighted at times. One could, for example, pack ones passport in the bottom of a large box and store it at their parents house. Or get so focused on what's going on state-side, they loose track of the reason behind this trip.

Luckily, when we are following our true path in life, the universe works to help us succeed. And I was sent inspiration this week in three forms.

First, was the letter from the editor published in Gourmet this month. I had incorrectly stated that the magazine printed a piece about London. In fact, the entire magazine cover to cover is devoted to London. It's a true handbook for the trip I am planning. And to crown it is the letter from the Editor which talks about the Fat Duck. She writes "the experience that really made me understand what was going on (with the gastronomic revolution that is London right now.) is an hour west, in the little town of Bray, where a deceptively unnasuming restaurant called the Fat Duck is turning gastronomy on its head." After flattering the reader with descriptions of the food, she continues by flattering the chef with descriptions of the modesty that permiates through the entire experience. Most of all, she says, is how much fun it is to eat there.

Second was a CD I was given by the man I worked on the cookbook with. On this disk is a photographic journal of the meal he ate at the Fat Duck. It's incredible. Course 13 or 14 is a little blue box with the name The Fat Duck printed on it, served in a bowl. Inside the box is a little package of cereal. They look like cornflakes, but they are parsnip flakes. So you pour your little cereal into the bowl and pour on the liquid. I didn't quite see what it was. Milk? Something more flavorful and exotic? I'll get back to you on that one.

And third was an e-mail telling me that a roommate was found for me!! So now I have a place to live when I get there. It looks like things are working.

So I have cleaned up my life here, purchased the airfare, and arranged for a place to stay when I get there. Now it's on to the easy stuff. A little shopping, and a lot of packing and re-packing. And planning the going away party!


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