Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Encore performance

My grand finalle saturday night, my swan song, ended much as I thought. Champagne sipped in the kitchen while finishing the cleaning. Only a tiny glass for me, "just a little bubble for the little mouse" Scott said. But alas the crowd gave a standing ovation and I returned last night for my encore performance.

It turned out to be a busy night and I got a nice fix of Lampreia befor I run off.

I have often joked in the past to my married girlfriends that I am married to Lampreia. While it was often a humorous excuse for missing thier weddings and every saturday party for the past 2 and a half years, it was a statement representitive to the commitment I had made. I wasn't missing those events because big mean Chef says no time off ever. It was because big nice chef gave me an opportunity. I was chosing to be a part of the passion that drives Lampreia. I gave up what ever I needed to. I was a little blind in my ambition to grow as a skilled culinary professional, and more so, an artist. While I don't plan on looking towards the future with such tunnel vision, it was a time of growth invaluable to me.

Well, I'll save you the sentimental journey i could take here. I am using my last days to spent a few final moments with those I love, pack, and shop for american things my sister in germany is growing desperate for. She has requested the Costco bottle of Advil. She said that not only is it not readily available, but that germans think that advil is a really heavy duty pain killer and only to be used for broken bones and surgery. She is going to have to hide the 2000 count bottle to avoid her friends thinking she is a drug addict.


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