Saturday, March 19, 2005

culinary constructivism

I was surfing the web today and found out that Molecular Gastronomy is like, so last week.

Seriously though, Dr. Herve This has more acuaretly described it as "Culinary Constructivism." His argument is that the scientific description leaves out the spirit of every meal ever made, the creative expresion behind it's existance. The heart of cuisine is given through the construction of it by a creator, an artist really. It's the perfection of grandma in her worn kitchen making your favorite birthday cake, the first, imperfect meal your girlfriend tried to impress you with, and the multi course menu at The Fat Duck. Each is a construction of beauty made with the love of a creator. It is in the transformation of the food that the truth lies, in the construction of the dish.

Here he is quoted on the subject.

"It is to act first from the artistic idea, then to place technique at the service of this idea. Some have named that "molecular cuisine", or molecular gastronomy, that is not right, because molecular gastronomy is a science, and not one technology, and not one technique, nor an art.

Thus, I propose to you that we name this new movement,


So construct on, fellow culinarians....


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