Monday, March 28, 2005

Bon Voyage

This is the last posting I'll be making state-side as my flight leaves in 18 hours. The last few hours are now slipping through my fingers as I tie up the little loose ends. The proposed contents of my backpack are neatly covering half of the living room floor. My arsenal of tools has taken over the coffee table. The arsenal has grown thanks to great tips from Louisa of movable-Feast who's last posting was titled something like "Things for people named Dana to take on their summer stages to gastronomic restaurants in Europe". And I said, "Hey, my name IS Dana, and I AM leaving for a stage!!!!" And funny enough, I'm not the only one who can claim this.

The arsenal now consists of:
1 ten inch chef's knife
1 serated knife
1 boning knife
1 4 inch serated knife
1 paring knife
1 birds beak turning knife
3 small round tip offset spatula's (just in case)
1 tapered tip offset spatula
1 easy bake oven spatula
1 pair fiskars no. 5 non stick scissors
1 tiny stiff bowl scraper
3 sharpies, professional model (because I am like, so pro now)

I guess I have to line them back up for another photo shoot with the new recruits. I know, I'm a dork. But not as dorky as my sister Sarah who takes pictures of her lego men in constructed environments when she is bored.

This in-depth recommendation list went as far as to suggest what kind of underwear to wear. Modesty will take you a long way when using the unisex staff locker room. So I guess I'll have to leave the mesh thongs at home. Too bad, they are so comfortable to spend 14 hours in.

Also on the recommended packing list is a digital camera. I have been resisting the urge to use this trip as an excuse to buy myself a digital camera. But after I was practically told not to go without one I can't possibly resist any longer. My last minute shopping should have been for a 5 dollar umbrella but will now include a pricy digi-cam. Maybe I'll even be clever enough to figure out how to get the pictures on this blog. Then you can see for yourself what I am up to!!

My worries about internet access are over. The tiny room I am renting is equipped with a PC and broadband. Which makes the fact that the room is more expensive than my one bedroom apartment down town Seattle tolerable. It may be tiny but it comes with a window to the rest of the world, and most importantly, home.

Now my biggest worry is that the beef jerky I am packing for my sister will make everything else in my backpack smell like beef jerky! The last thing I need while finding my way around is to be followed by a pack of dogs.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you there yet? Iwas hoping to hear from you on Monday. Please let me know if you arrived.


March 29, 2005 11:42 PM  

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