Wednesday, March 09, 2005

adventures at home

With my grand adventure drawing closer the days are passing without much circumstance. The adventure I am living here has more to do with playing housewife for Russell. Which I must admit is deeply satisfying, but you all know I have a maternal/homemaker side that could choke Martha Stewart on occasion. I have heard Amanda exclaim, "Good God woman, you're an old lady waiting to happen." I don't know if that had to do with the grandma that lives within me or the lace doily I was trying to decorate with at the time. It would seem as if I was the next in line for family matriarch. But for the Bickfords the only requisite for this position is your ability to make large quantities of pie.

In preparation for my absence from the kitchen, Lampreia has decided to cut my hours to acclimate the other two cooks to working without me. "It's time to pull them off the tit" would be how the chef put it. This has left me with time off I have never experienced while at Lampreia. I did take 3 days off in a row once. Yes, 3 days to have my elbow pinned together after a nasty spill off my bike.

So in turn I am finding myself with 8 hours of intensely productive and creative energy each day and no outlet. The closest thing to me is Russell so I am focusing much of it on him. He is just lucky that I don't have access to an oven. Otherwise he'd be up to his ears in baked goods.

I am starting to miss my little Vito. I managed a week without feeling too sad but last night I shed a few tears for his absence in my life. I just can't forget that tiny black and white kitten that came into my life 2 years ago and slept next to me every night. When he was still small enough to sit in my hand, his kitten fur was a little coarse and sparse. Libby and I took to calling him the felt pelt. Oh, he has the cutest little white socks on his back feet, a little French manicure on his front, and a dashing white ascot on his chest. And what a little cuddler. I know he's just a cat, but he was my loving companion for 2 years. He was the warm body that greeted me each night as I returned from work, and the face I woke up to every morning. It's funny how attached we get to those little fur balls. But I spoke with Uncle Steve and he said that he and Vito are doing well. He said that Vito is very loving and "the rolling-ist cat I've ever seen." I guess Vito likes the carpet and has taken to rolling over and over. Vito and Uncle Steve are off to a lifelong loving relationship. I suppose this is the ache of the heart that only comes with having once loved. And yes, I know, it's just a cat.


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