Friday, February 18, 2005

step two

It's amazing how many little ties we have to any kind of life we build. It's like a cobweb, netting us to where ever we are. The string aren't too hard to break, but there are so many of them. Canceling the phone, electricity, gas, cell phone, car insurance, breaking a lease, shedding off all the stuff you acumulate, and the hardest one of all.... getting out of your gym membership. I have as of yesterday been released of further financial obligation regarding my apartment. It's the first lease I have signed that wasn't month to month, the first time I commit to staying put. And what do I do? I break it to go to England.

So step two is complete. I am out of my apartment in 9 days. Which marks one of the hardest steps I am going to have to take. Parting ways with my cat.

Vito. My baby. I promised him I would be with him forever. That he could grow old with me. But alas, he has to move in with Uncle Steve and Stevie. At least he doesn't have to change his last name. And he can be a guy instead of the mama's boy I have made of him. He can go outside, climb trees, get in fights, smell bad, guy stuff. Libby is afraid that Stevie and his friends will light Vito's tail on fire. But Stevie assured me he wouldn't and that he actually likes cats. Uncle Steve is prepared to fall in love with Vito. And for the first time in my life, there is a part of me that is alergic to cats. A big part.

This weekend I will be packing up all the things I want to put in storage. My fiesta ware collection, kitchen stuff, pictures, clothes, and cookbooks. I am keeping my 2 pieces of furniture. And the following weekend I will send everything else in the apartment back to the goodwill. It belongs there anyways. I had this shabby chic flea market style going. It was working well untill the day I woke up and realized that I had just filled my apartment with old shit. But it worked for my budget and there isn't much that I can't just walk away from. It was kinda fun hunting for everything. Now, someone else can find all these gems on one of their junk hunting trips.


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