Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Fat Duck

I sent a group e-mail informing many of the people I care about (and whose e-mail addresses I know) that I had created this blog to keep them in the loop while I was abroad. And then I realized that many of them aren't in the loop as to why there is a loop in the first place.

I will be filling a "stage" at a restaurant outside of London called the Fat Duck for the months of April and May. A stage is the fancy European word for an internship. The Fat Duck is a Michelin 3-star restaurant in a town called Bray. It is doing with food what is considered Molecular Gastronomy. Think sardine on toast sorbet, cauliflower carpaccio with a disk of chocolate jello, and table side preparations using dry ice. This movement in gastronomy was started in Spain by a man named Ferran Adria at El Bulli. It sounds really wired, I know.

It is said to bridge the gap between your senses and your intellect, and plays with what you think you know of food textures, flavors, temperatures, smells, and appearances. For example, when you eat the sardine on toast sorbet, your sense of touch will recognize the dish as sorbet and tell your brain to interpret something sweet and fruity. But your sense of taste is telling your brain that it is a salty fish on a crispy toast. And at the same time your brain is tasting the toast but not feeling the anticipated crunchy texture. There is a lot about the experience that is not this extreme. Not only is this kitchen run by an amazing staff of chefs and cooks, but scientists too. From what I have read and heard in conversation, the multi course menu blows your mind. I will start work at 8 in the morning and finish at 10 at night, 6 days a week. So aside from all the artsy fartsy food stuff, it is going to be like boot camp. Kitchens of this caliber are run like the military I hear.

This hectic schedule is in part the reason for this blog. I won't have the time to individually update everyone. So by all means, please comment back.

And following that I will spend the month of June with my sister Libby, who as you all know, lives in Germany.

And that's it! After that it's back to Seattle, back to Lampreia, and the start of much much more. Just forgive me if I return with a temporary accent!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Dana,

I'm writing from the Guardian newspaper in London. I'm really interested to speak to you about your Phat Duck weblog. When you get a second (I know you are busy!), please could you email me back? Many thanks.

Best, Leo

April 18, 2005 9:22 AM  

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